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Company Culture

company cultureChange is difficult. It can bring disruption, confusion and instability. However, change also brings rewards, even when hidden in struggle.

American Guard Services, Inc. embraces change proactively. We continually introduce new support, management, processes and skill sets that reward customers. The American Guard Services, Inc culture promotes job satisfaction and self-fulfillment for all employees.

Trust and confidence are built on openness, and in turn, help create more openness. American Guard Services, Inc visibly and consciously promotes openness. We have trust and confidence in our subordinates, peers and superiors. Expressing feelings, admitting problems, seeking help, inviting critique and feedback, offering ideas and suggestions, and giving support are the signs of trust and confidence.

AGS Actively Promotes A Climate Where Employees Act Positively and Vigorously, Rather Than Fearfully.

With the freedom to act comes Responsibility for end results. AGS is a results-oriented environment where people are measured on what they do and how they do it. Employees welcome measurement of their contributions. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate their worth and improve on their performance.

A culture that allows for diversity, disagreement and dissent also ensures needed self-correction and nurtures the development of employees and ideas. Employees must feel free to challenge traditional ways of doing things and to confront issues and persons directly. We expect to encounter differences, but will search for the best solutions. In other words, we agree to Disagree, without being disagreeable.

The Following Highlights the AGS Culture and its Impact on our Work Environment

  • Freedom to Act
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Freedom to Disagree and Challenge
  • Development of our Employees
  • Recognizing Individuality
  • Building Confidence
  • Team Building
  • Leveraging Technology


Employees Must Feel They are Growing as Individuals

Good, talented men and women will not otherwise continue to grow or stay with our organization. Each American Guard Services, Inc manager has the responsibility to ensure every Employee in his or her area is Developing new skills and expertise. This personal and professional growth is founded on opportunity, encouragement and feedback.

Recognizing each employee within American Guard Services, Inc brings with himself or herself unique abilities and perceptions. We encourage new ideas and give recognition to those who bring them to light. Additionally, we do not forget those who serve faithfully and dependably every day in carrying out their assigned duties.

American Guard Services, Inc rewards and develops technical and interpersonal competence -the ability to work effectively with others. In addition to rewarding the high achiever, American Guard Services, Inc also cultivates Competence by encouraging risk taking and tolerating error as important steps in the learning process. An important The American Guard Services, Inc process step is providing clear, valid feedback on performance.

Most employees want a sense of belonging. They are honest, trustworthy, and hard working. They want to achieve significantly, and be praised and rewarded appropriately. American Guard Services, Inc builds Team unity and a sense of purpose in the work unit. This allows employees to be involved meaningfully in their work. The greater the employees involvement, the greater the intensity of effort and thought applied to team roles and tasks.

American Guard Services, Inc continually strives to be on the leading edge of technology in the security services industry. We invest in technology that leverages American Guard Services’ deliverables for greater productivity, safety and satisfaction.